Artisan & General Contractors

Small to medium sized artisan contractors. All classes including: Tree Trimmers, Roofers, Welders.

Alarm Installers

Residential and light commercial installers with optional E&O coverage.

General & Professional Liability Packages

Beauty Salon, Day Care, Spas, Health Clubs, Gyms, Instructors, Veterinarians, Animal Groomers.

Convenience Stores

Grocery Store, Gas Station, Car Wash.


Apartments, Rental Dwellings, Hotels/Motels.


Risks with 75% liquor receipts eligible, Bars, Taverns, monoline liquor liability.

Special Events

Wide variety of classes, Trade shows.


Monoline general liability, property or package. Short term policies available.

Equipment Rental

Short-term rental of contractors equipment with operators.

Equipment Breakdown

Boilers, pressure vessels, data processing equipment, electronic communications equipment.